About Us

After working in the renovations space for years and discovering all the inefficiencies that plague the industry, we decided to start a basement renovations company that is based on integrity, efficiency and transparency. That is how Assured Basements started.
Starting out we have always believed that our work will speak for us. Indeed, we have garnered a lot of business from client referrals. This pushes us to work even harder to meet customer expectations.

Thanks to our years of experience working in the basement contracting business, we have built a great team of specialized tradesmen who share our passion for renovations and we owe them for the success Assured Basements enjoys today.

About us

Full-service Basement Contractor in Toronto

At Assured Basements, we believe homeowners can appreciate the potential that basements have as an extension of your property’s living space. There is also income earning potential which goes largely unacknowledged.
With some elbow grease and investment, your basement could be anything you want it to be. If you have been looking for a passive income stream, renovating your basement could give you a habitable space you could rent out, provided it meets safety standards.

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About Us

We Bring Abandoned Basements Back To Life

To restore a disused or neglected basement, you shouldn’t look beyond Assured Basements. If the basement has never been occupied, Assured Basements can finish and bring it to not just a habitable state, but turn it into a stylish pad for which you will not struggle to find tenants.

Perhaps the basement has previously been used as a man cave, cinema, or gym and now you want to rent it out and earn extra money. For that, you will need to remodel the basement into a rentable apartment. Again, that’s where Assured Basements comes in.

Remodelling a basement requires meeting specific fire and building safety standards before the basement can be certified legal to rent out. Needless to say, to avoid incurring avoidable costs, you need to engage a basement remodelling contractor that understands Toronto’s bylaws and building codes. We are that contractor.


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