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Convert your basement into a functional or additional living space you can rent out for extra income.
Does your house feel cramped, with not enough living space for your growing family? The only (or most feasible) option may be to add living space may be to extend downwards into your basement.

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Besides adding a secondary living accommodation, remodelling your basement can significantly boost your property’s market value. There are also many other benefits of remodelling or renovating your basement:
  • Cut your electricity bill
    A remodel may add windows, which besides filtering in natural light that reduces your electricity bill also satisfies one of the requirements of a legal basement.
  • Filter fresh outside air into your basement
    Adding a window allows natural light to filter into your basement, which has many benefits for your health and wellness. As well as bringing in natural light, adding a window to your basement also improves ventilation, which again lowers your energy costs.
  • An extra, passive income stream
    Everyone could benefit from a secondary income stream. Remodelling your basement into a secondary suite that you can legally rent out gives you a solid income source that will keep on giving, month after month.
  • A more functional, complete living space
    For homeowners that want to add more luxury features to their houses, the most common limitation is the lack of space. Not if you have a basement that you can remodel into anything you want - whether it’s a sauna, gym, or a home cinema.

Basement Remodelling Services

Complete & Partial Basement Remodelling Services

Sometimes a basement remodel may not require a complete tear down of the place [to bring it back to the state of an] unfinished basement, especially if the space has been previously remodelled.

To remodel such a basement into a self-contained secondary suite, you may only need to add room partitions, a bathroom, and a toilet. The plumbing and electrical will typically also need to be redone.

At Assured Basements, we are fully aware of the varying complexities of the basement remodelling jobs we take on. For this reason, we carry out thorough consultations with the client to establish specifically what the remodel entails and quote accordingly.

Our item-based quoting system ensures our clients know exactly what work they will be paying for, putting them at ease. Depending on your needs, we offer stand-alone services for:

  • Basement bathroom/bedroom/kitchen addition
  • Partition walls and drywall installation
  • Basement fireplace and cabinetry installation
  • Basement walkout and stairway addition

That being said, besides a full conversion into secondary accommodation, we can remodel your basement into anything you desire. That could be a sauna, a gym, a basement wet bar, a playroom, or a family lounge.
Basement Remodelling Services

Choose An Experienced Basement Remodelling Contractor

While converting or remodelling your basement from an unused or storage space is a clever way to add living space, there is a lot to consider. The conversion will most likely require planning permission, and afterward, advanced construction and project management skills.
Basement remodels are clearly not the kind of project for a ‘technician with a truck’ type of contractor. With so much that can go wrong, including compromised foundations, poor waterproofing, bad plumbing, among others, you could end up with a high remedial bill.
At Assured Basements, every job starts with a thorough inspection and consultation with the client. This discovery process will involve asking questions like:

  • What is the intended use of the new space?
  • What type of permits will be required?
  • Will the basement need to be underpinned?
  • What type of waterproofing will be required?

It is the answers to these questions that give us a clear picture of the size and scope of the work the basement remodel will entail. This knowledge allows us to draw up a contract with clear deliverables and sufficient protections for both parties.

Basement remodelling services in Toronto

Get The Most Out Of Your Basement

If your basement lies unfinished or currently serves as mere storage for broken furniture and tools, a remodel can convert it into a livable space. There are plenty of options when it comes to a basement remodel that would best suit your family.

And how about the sheer enjoyment you will get from a house that has enough bedrooms and all the features you like? You can’t put a price on that.

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