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    What to Expect

    What To Do With An
    Unfinished Basement

    At Assured Basements, we look at every unfinished basement as a blank canvas you can purpose into just about anything.
    By carefully analyzing your needs against your budget and applying imaginative skills honed over many basement renovations in Toronto. We will design a functional space that you will enjoy for many years to come.
    Most homes in Toronto have foundations deep enough to turn into a basement and finish into a living space. So even if you never intended it as one, your house’s foundation - currently a lifeless concrete box - can be adapted into a functional living space.


    Depending on your needs and as long as you meet the requirements for a legal basement, your house’s foundation can be remodelled into a:

    • A rental apartment
    • Personalized gym
    • Home cinema
    • Additional bathroom, bedroom, or
    • Sauna


    With enough space to play with, you are only limited by your imagination

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    Every basement renovation job is unique. Unique as in a purpose-designed floor plan, customized fittings, eclectic tastes that do not conform to any particular decor or interior design theme.
    Among other perks, here’s why smart homeowners in Toronto are choosing Assured Basements for their basement renovations:

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    Toronto homeowners’ basement renovation FAQ

    How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Basement in Toronto?

    On average, in Toronto, a basement renovation will set you back $55 to $75 per square foot. But the total budget invariably differs when you factor in costs like cabinetry, light fittings, as well as flooring and decor choices.

    Many of our customers opt for a turnkey basement renovation that includes all the costs in one flat fee. This includes basement stripping, floor, ceiling, and drywall installation, cabinetry, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

    Before planning a basement remodel, it is essential that you have an idea of the costs involved. Our experienced team at Assured Basements will break down the costs for every renovation project we undertake, but you should expect to factor in the following:
    Ready to break ground on your basement renovation project

    Serving all of Ontario, Assured Basements is a trusted basement renovation contractor in Toronto.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I turn my basement into an apartment?

      The short answer is, yes you can turn your basement into an apartment. Without any disruption to the way you live, you can remodel your basement into a rental apartment from which you can earn extra income. This way, the renovation will literally pay for itself. But, of course, there are rules to conform to. Before buying materials and setting your basement renovation in motion, you need to ensure the project complies with the local fire and building codes, housing standards bylaws, and that it meets the requirements set by the Electrical Safety Authority.

    • What is a legal basement apartment in Toronto?

      A legal basement apartment is one that meets all local fire and building safety codes. The Province of Ontario, in fact now requires municipalities to allow basement apartments in homes. Among other requirements, a legal basement apartment:

      • Will have enough building exits,
      • Has working carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms,
      • Should be able to separate fires and contain them within one unit,
      • Has sufficient street and driveway parking,
      • Does not overload existing water, electricity, and plumbing utilities,
      After meeting all the building and zoning regulations, your basement has to be registered with the local municipality as a livable space.

    • Do you need a building permit to renovate a basement in Toronto?

      According to the City of Toronto bylaws, you don’t need a building permit for any work that does not entail adding new plumbing, altering the building’s structure, nor adding a secondary dwelling. But you will need a building permit if the renovation:

      • modifies or installs new heating or plumbing systems,
      • excavates or constructs a new foundation,
      • includes any structural alterations, adds an entrance
      • includes any basement underpinning work.
      Importantly, you will need planning permission as well as meet a special set of design requirements if the basement renovation will add a new suite for another household. As the new suite will most likely include a bedroom(s), you need to ensure there’s some form of egress for occupants to escape in the event of a fire or other disaster. Typically, this will be a window big enough to evacuate a room.

    • How much value does a finished basement add in Canada?

      Depending on the real estate market, quality of the renovation, and the use potential, a renovated basement has as much as a 75 percent return on investment in Toronto. The value a renovated basement adds to your house must not only be viewed in terms of the resale value. It must also include the extra living space, whether you intend to use it yourself or rent it out. Assured Basements’ renovation experts will advise you on the most sustainable and energy-saving materials and finishes, and design choices that give you the best ROI.

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