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Do you wish to bring your disused basement back to a habitable state? Perhaps you abandoned it after it flooded. Or maybe it hasn’t been used in ages and is now a dusty, cobweb filled mess?

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If your basement hasn’t been used in years, it is likely that it will need to be assessed for any structural or water damage and waterproofed before any renovation or remodelling work can start. Our basement restoration teams will inspect and fix issues like:
  • Broken water pipes
  • Leaning window wells
  • Leaking service penetrations
  • Foundation Cracks

We can’t stress enough how important it is to hire qualified and experienced contractors for basement repair work. Due to the difficulty of working underground and the special equipment needed, the cost of remedial work should you run into any problems can be prohibitive.

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Basement Restoration Services

Damp And Flooded Basement Restoration Services

Unfortunately, basements are prone to flooding. With flooding usually comes extensive damage to finished walls, carpets, and furniture. After a basement flooding event, the plumbing and electrical wiring may also need some attention.
All the resulting mould from a basement flooding will also produce an odor that will make the basement uninhabitable for a while. All told, basement flooding can cause a major disruption to your family life, which can cause a lot of stress.
Besides rising underground water levels, basement flooding can be caused by emergency plumbing issues like:
  • A blocked toilet
  • Burst or frozen water pipes
  • Sump pump malfunction

Perhaps your basement isn’t flooded, but it is damp from leaking foundation walls and has a musty smell. Forget the structural damage, excessive moisture in your basement causes mould and mildew, which in turn causes respiratory health problems, especially for asthmatic people.


If you are dealing with a flooded, damp, or water damaged basement, you need a contractor that specializes in basement restorations to fix the damage and prevent future issues.


Assured Basements is the contractor to call for all your moisture and water damage restoration needs in Toronto and surrounding cities. Since we are a specialized basement contractor, you can be confident you are dealing with an experienced contractor that will do a thorough job.


Our restoration services for flooded or water-damaged basements include flooding cleanup, emergency plumbing, and any renovation work that may be needed to restore the basement to a usable state.

Basement Restoration Services

Basement Waterproofing Services

If moisture seeps through your basement walls, it can cause significant damage to furniture, wall finishes, and floor coverings. The causes may be poor waterproofing by the builder, including poor backfilling, and poorly sealed service penetrations.

Before every basement conversion or remodel, it is essential that the whole space is properly waterproofed by an experienced basement contractor. Cutting corners and entrusting this critical work with an inexperienced or unqualified contractor means you may have to deal with the stress and the cost of corrective work.

A poorly waterproofed basement can cause headaches down the line, especially where the basement has been remodelled into living accommodation or where the conversion has incorporated luxury features like home cinemas, saunas, and gyms.

But even with the best efforts of the builder, you may still end up with water damage issues in your basement. The more common culprits are extreme weather and shifting soil. For example, heavy rain or snowfall can soak the ground resulting in water seepage into the basement through the cove joint or damp proof membrane.

The advantage of working with a specialized basement contractor is you know you won’t have to hire one contractor for the waterproofing work and another for the clean-up and actual restoration. Assured Basements has all the skills in-house, including certified plumbers and builders.

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