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Our Process

At Assured Basements, we understand that for the majority of our clients a basement renovation or remodel is a significant undertaking. As such, we like to ease your anxieties and ensure your peace of mind right from the start.
To reassure you that your project is in the right hands, we have committed to a simple and transparent process that is anchoring in honesty and integrity.


Our Process




When we receive an inquiry or phone call one of our reps will speak to you in detail regarding your basement renovation. Whether its regarding the scope of work. ( Full Scope or Shell solution ) We are here to help you out.. The more information provided upfront the easier it is for us to help.



We do an in depth consultation firstly with a manager on the phone/zoom and also a regional manager in person at your home. Expect our managers to spend 2-3 hours in your home in helping and guiding you through your project.


Pre-build Inspection

When it comes to basements a several factors in the prebuild are very important. This includes the layout of the bulkhead, coffered ceilings, potlights and electrical layouts. It’s also important to consider building codes, and demolition if required.



Our managers will effectively value design your basement on the spot. Our team has years of experience and have learned lots of different methods to work with homeowners in a personal level to design, redesign untill you love the design we wont even price your job.



We provide a professional line by line estimate of your project. We are able to provide a detailed, transparent quote of the components of your basement with a breakdown of all costs including demo, framing, boarding, plumbing, mudding, electrical, plumbing and finishes scope.

Our Process

Schedule An In-home Consultation

After requesting an in-home consultation, we will come to your home and try to establish precisely what you are looking to achieve through the basement renovation or remodel. After that, we will do a thorough inspection of your basement to establish its current condition.

We will check whether the wall is structurally sound and waterproofed. We will check if the plumbing and electrical wiring will need to be reconfigured. We will also seek to gain some insight into your preferred colour scheme, and any special needs the new basement must meet.

Armed with all this knowledge, this is also a good time to discuss the budget and project timeline.

Our Process

Planning Stage

This thorough inspection process shapes the scope of the whole basement project. It allows us to itemize every task, including the necessary permits we may need to apply for.
With that done, we will then agree on a schedule of work and set the budget for the project. The budget will include estimates for the quantities of the different materials required to finish the project as well as the cost of labor.

Our Process

New Basement Design

By now, we should have all the information we need to come up with a final design for your new basement. We will meet with you to present and get your feedback on our proposed design for your new basement and to present our final quotation for the entire project.
If we’re are all agreed on the design, project outline, and quotation, we will formally sign the contract. If you request changes, those will be worked into the contract before the contract is formally signed.

Our Process

Project Commencement

With everything agreed, materials will be formally ordered and a start date will be set. While we wait for the equipment and materials to arrive on-site,we will prepare your home for the work ahead. This includes setting up the necessary barriers and screens to keep your living areas free of dust and rubble.
By the time all the materials are on-site, the necessary excavations should be complete so the project can start according to the proposed timeline.
You will be continually updated on the project’s progress and asked to provide feedback so we all proceed on the same page. All things being equal, we should be able to present your new basement on schedule, at which time we will also ask you for a full inspection.

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