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Here your basement’s floor plan moves from a drawing on a piece of paper to something you can see and feel. This is how your basement starts to take shape.


Plumbing / Rough Ins

If your new basement design includes a kitchen, a bathroom, or both, there will need to be some plumbing done. Here we also take care of all the rough-ins - the task of running water and drainage pipes through holes pre-bored in the walls.



Right before the drywall is installed and the walls are sealed is when the electrician will come and do the wiring and make sure you have all the outlets you need for the light fixtures and sockets.



Until now all your rooms were partitioned by a see-through frame. Installing the drywall turns the frame into functional walls, closing all the rooms in.


Taping and Mudding

Taping seals the seams where drywall sheets join together, which ensures that there will not be weak points where cracks may form on the finished walls. But all the taping will have to be smoothed down to even the walls. That’s what the mudding process will do. Mudding involves applying a mud-like drywall compound that will fill all the screw holes and taping bumps to give the walls an even feel before the walls are painted.


Electrical Inspection / ESA Complete

Before installing the HVAC and the other utilities that use electrical power, we will need to make sure that the electrical wiring follows the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The inspection is the responsibility of the Electrical Safety Authority. Right through the different stages you will be continually updated on the project’s progress and asked to provide feedback so we all proceed on the same page. And all being equal, we should be able to present your new basement on schedule, at which time we will also ask you for a full inspection.

Our Process

The Shell Solution

Many of us fancy ourselves renovators and decorators - at least in our own homes. Going the DIY route, even on projects that are out of our wheelhouse, provides an exciting challenge. But is it impossible to manage your own basement renovation project? With some experiences basement contractor by your side, we didn’t think so! As proof, we developed our Shell Solution - a Do It Yourself service that allows you to take a central and active role in your basement project.

A Predesigned DIY Solution

We developed our Shell Solution with the intention to give you more control over your basement project. Whether you are finishing, renovating, or remodelling your basement, this solution gives you all the tools you need to produce the basement of your dreams. Because we have done similar projects countless times, we know precisely what’s needed - including the permits, key skills, and equipment - to do the job safely and competently. So we have developed a DIY service that allows you to leverage our experience and know-how to manage the basement project yourself.

What’s In It For Us?

To an ordinary mind, us offering this kind of service will seem counter-intuitive. Why would we willfully give away work? Well, if a homeowner is so motivated to do the work themselves, it should be clear the project was never ours to start with. And if it wasn’t, the least we can do is help make sure the project succeeds.

Our Shell Solution enables us to serve as the technical partner on your basement remodel, which benefits both of us. We get some revenue while you save money without necessarily compromising the quality of the final product. Not to mention the satisfaction of having successfully executed a big home improvement project on your own.


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